Ride Out!!!

July 1, 2021
Faithwalkn Faithful
Faithwalkn Faithful Productions
Producer: Aaron Bing
Number of discs: 1

Faithwalkn Faithful is coming out with her new single July 1, 2021 so be on the lookout for “Ride Out!” Produced by 5X Grammy nominated Saxophone Jazz Genius Aaron Bing at Century Studios in Florida…

Ride Out is Saying we gon ride this Pandemic out, our health, medical, losses and see what the end gon be…We gon ride out our Relationships, Parenting, Marriages, Situation and Circumstances and see what the end gon be.  We are so encouraged throughout these transitional phases that we decree and declare WE gon RIDE OUT! Lord we gon ride out!!!


In Times like this, it’s absolutely important that we keep our focus on the Lord. In this project the aim is to maintain our composer, our faith and our focus in these ever challenging times.

Faithwalkn Faithful has always been just that!! Faithful in producing excellent quality and content for the body of believers.  This is another stellar project from a body of work that has continued to come forward since 2008.  After 13 years in the industry, the Lord has done a number of great things I look forward to continuing this journey together as we ride out! Timba Graphics